We have tried to keep our pricing structure simple and fair.  We don’t limit the system and we encourage you to keep your user count low.  Each user can only be logged in at 1 PC at a time, but the login can be shared if you wish.

All pricing below is subject to VAT.

Full Package

£ 50/m
£ 35/m if you book this year
£95 Setup
2 User Licences
£10/m Per extra User
Unlimited Practioners
Unlimited Email Support
Unlimited Upgrades


Get in contact for full details
£250 Onsite Training Day - inc Transport
£35 /h Custom reports/web site integration
Data Imports Will be charged at £35 /h if a database import can be achieved or £6.50 /h if manual data entry is required
£6.50 /m VoIP Rental
£700 Gold Phone Number- More memorable numbers
£4 /m Extra hosted extension
£70 VoIP Phone
3p per text Patient SMS Reminders
£3 /m or free when you spend £3 /m on SMS E-mail Reminders
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