Multiclinic by attend2IT 

Simplify appointment scheduling with our user-friendly interface, allowing clinic staff and patients to effortlessly book and manage their appointments. 
All patient note data is securely encrypted, ensuring a 100% data integrity rate.
Accurate and efficient financial transactions, reducing administrative burden and allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional patient care. 

How are we  Different!

Multiclinic puts you in control. With its intuitive interface and customisable templates, tailor the software to match your workflow, ensuring it aligns perfectly with the unique processes of each healthcare professional and clinic. It’s all about efficiency and satisfaction. 
At Multiclinic, we believe you should have the power to tailor your clinic’s experience. Our modular architecture means you can cherry-pick the features that suit your practice best, waving goodbye to unnecessary complications and costs. Plus, with our modular design, scaling up or down is a breeze – adapt as your practice grows and changes.
Multiclinic isn’t just your typical clinic manager – we’re your financial wizard too! Say goodbye to billing headaches and welcome hassle-free invoicing and financial reporting. With Multiclinic, breeze through generating and tracking invoices, processing payments, and handling insurance claims. We’ve got your practice’s financial flow covered.
We’ve got your back! Enjoy round-the-clock support with features like regular backups, emergency hosting, report writing, and friendly assistance through email – because your clinic’s success is our top priority! Our dedicated team is here to ensure you experience a seamless and worry-free journey with Multiclinic. 

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We’d love to show you how easy our software is to operate and how we can make your clinics computerised with ease, the demo is free with no obligation and requires no installation. So please fill in an application to get started and see how you could start saving time and money today.

About  MultiClinic


A comprehensive clinic management software meticulously crafted by individuals who actively engage with it on a daily basis. Regardless if  you’re scheduling appointments for a few rooms or managing multiple clinics, it encompasses patient notes and thorough accounting functionalities.

Focus on patient care by automating paperwork, providing detailed clinic monitoring, facilitating on-the-go patient bookings, integrating with Outlook diaries, sending SMS and email reminders, automating letter writing, ensuring daily backups, and running seamlessly on iPad and tablets.
Multiclinic operates on our secure servers housed in reliable data centers, often recognised as Cloud computing. This entails handling backups, upgrades, and data redundancy on our end. Installation is not needed for Multiclinic, and your device doesn’t require high specifications. As long as you have internet access, you can readily use MultiClinic
MultiClinic is cross-platform, allowing usage on any computer with an internet connection, eliminating the need for software installation. You can even schedule patient appointments on your mobile device (subject to handset compatibility). Its user-friendly interface operates within a familiar web browser, requiring minimal training for most users.

Navigating the diary

To get more information, click on any area of the image:
Drop down menu
Privacy Mode
Show Cancelled

Navigating the diary
Quick Action Menu Side Menu Notes Calendar Staff Privacy Show Cancelled Zoom Rooms

Quick Action Menu

Right-clicking on an appointment triggers a menu displaying various actions for redirecting or adjusting the appointment status.

Side Menu

Select any appointment to reveal a side menu displaying essential patient information along with a list of actions for redirecting or modifying the appointment status


Click on Notes to assess the Notes Page


Choose the date for your appointment booking. Navigate forward or backwards by weeks or months using the arrow buttons


View of all practitioners scheduled to work on a particular day.


conceals confidential information from patients viewing the monitor.

Show Cancelled

The diary will show appointments that have been cancelled


 Slider for adjusting magnification, and expanding the diary view.


Transitions to the room view, displaying the occupancy status by indicating which rooms are currently occupied and which ones are available.


Professor David Byfield

Welsh Institute of Chiropractic
“We have been working with the Multiclinic team for a couple of years to install a bespoke electronic patient records package into our outpatient training clinic at the University of South Wales and their team have been nothing less than responsive and committed during the entire process.”

Louise Hampton

"Having not found a program that would do everything we needed it to without being too generic we settled on Multiclinic. With the new upgrade we get a system designed for our sector giving a good balance between features and complexity."


Clinic Owner
"Having a system that is online means i can book appointments on the go. The licensing also means we can have lots of people using it at the same time for not too much money which is nice"

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