Absolutely. We will take your written notes and create a form that reflects them, some or all of this will be redeemable against your setup cost.

You don’t have to. In some instances we can offer a trial run period and then extend this further. Please get in contact for further information.

We like to think we work in a slightly different way to other software companies. Because the programmer is hosted and because of the technology used adding reports and functionality is easy. We can add it just for you at £35 an hour of programming. However if we feel that the report would be used by everybody then we will copy it to everybody’s account (assuming you accept) and waiver the cost.

The simple answer is very. The long is.. that we use 256 bit encryption to make sure that the data cannot be intercepted whilst in transmit. Our servers are kept in secret and secure locations and everything on them is also encrypted. We backup all the data every night to three further secret and secure locations.

We can further encrypt the traffic by using VPN’s if you prefer (a cost may be incurred for this service). There is currently no technical way to intercept the data we hold and transmit. We are always on the lookout for vulnerabilities in the systems we use and update them accordingly.

We take the security and access to your data as our number one priority.

We hold your data within our secure datacentre and it is backed up to 2 further locations nightly. The datacentre uses 2 separate internet connections and has power backup for 24 hours at which point a rolling contract with fuel suppliers ensure the backup generators never run out of fuel.

The chances of our internet dropping are minimal and should our primary datacentre fail we have cold backups located in other data centres that can be up and running within three hours (since we anticipate at least a days warning of an impending failure, this should appear relatively seamless to the user).

Should the secondary datacentre fail we have agreements with a 3rd party data centre to be up and running within 12hrs with our backup servers.

Should all of our servers have failed we are in a postion to rent servers from a number of 3rd parties and should be up and running within 24hrs with the latest data available.

We are open about how we operate and acknowledge that our weak link as with any cloud computing service is actually the users internet connection. Should this fail we operate a goodwill service to fax, phone (or e-mail) any appointments for the problem period and take any appointments for you over the phone where we can.

Another unique point of Multiclinic is the system required to run it. It can be anything as all the hard work is done server side by us. We recommend a broadband connection but the machine can be Windows, Mac, Linux or phone based. As long as it can access the internet with a modern browser then you can access multiclinic. We recommend Firefox as the browser to use, however we have been beta testing Internet explorer 8 and this will work just as well. 99% of functions work in all browsers, so you don’t even need to install any software to run it!

Firstly get in contact, we are always happy to talk about our product and its features. There is a very good chance the program already does what you want it to do already. However if it doesn’t we’ll make it.

It really is as simple as that, if your idea or requirement is of global importance (ie we think other users will benefit) then we will upgrade it. Otherwise we will come up with a quote for you version to do it. We charge £35 per hour and most updates we have done take 2-3 hours including testing.