Comprehensive Documentation

Secure and Accessible Patient Profiles

  • Centralized storage of patient information ensures secure and easy access for authorized healthcare practitioners.
  • Integration with user authentication protocols guarantees data privacy and compliance with healthcare regulations.

Comprehensive Notetaking

  • Health practitioners can create detailed and structured notes for each patient, covering a range of aspects such as medical history, symptoms, diagnoses, treatment plans, and progress updates.
  • Physical Examination Forms enriched by visual diagrams, facilitating comprehensive patient assessments and ensuring accurate and standardized record-keeping.
  • The ability to attach files, images, and other relevant documents enhances the richness of the patient’s record.

Email Letter Management

  • empowers healthcare practitioners to create, print, and send various types of letters, including referral letters and other correspondences, seamlessly through email.
  • This feature enhances communication efficiency, reduces administrative overhead, and ensures timely and secure delivery of important documents.
  • Intuitive letter editor with rich text formatting, allowing practitioners to create personalized and professional-looking letters.

Phone consultation

  • The Phone Consultation feature in the Multi-Clinic App is a versatile tool that facilitates seamless and secure telephonic interactions between healthcare providers and patients
  • provides healthcare practitioners with a comprehensive view of current conversations and a detailed history of past phone consultations. reformulate

Patient Document Management

  • Designed to streamline the process of securely uploading, managing, and accessing patient files.
  • Support for a wide range of file types, including images, PDFs, documents, and diagnostic reports.
  • Centralized and secure cloud storage infrastructure for efficient file storage and retrieval.

Treatment Cards

  • The Spine Injury Treatment Cards feature within MC is a specialized tool designed to facilitate the comprehensive documentation of patient care plans specifically tailored for spine injuries.
  • This feature empowers healthcare practitioners to create structured and detailed treatment cards, ensuring a systematic approach to managing spine-related conditions.