Manage your chiropractic clinic with Multiclinic’s capabilities, which include clinical notes, financial administration, booking and scheduling. Chiropractic clinics all around the UK rely on our software because they appreciate Multiclinic’s robust feature set and user-friendly layout. Multiclinic allows you to go paperless entirely.

Check out our features below to see how Multiclinic can streamline your day:

Multiclinic offers a user-friendly interface designed to simplify the appointment scheduling and management process for healthcare professionals. The platform enhances efficiency by streamlining scheduling tasks, allowing practitioners to effortlessly organise and optimise their appointment slots.

Multiclinic enables patients to easily schedule appointments online, offering the flexibility to book remotely and reducing the administrative workload for healthcare practitioners or clinic management.

Our financial management package plays a pivotal role in preserving the fiscal well-being of your clinic. It offers tools and insights that contribute to efficient financial management. This includes features such as transaction management, various financial reports, in depth P&L reporting and a purchase order system.

Easily design and deploy promotional offers or discounts to attract new patients or encourage repeat visits. Implement referral programs to incentivise existing patients to refer friends and family.